A flawless wedding starts with the right framework. We offer boutique lighting concepts along with custom fabric solutions and large-scale decor installations to create the perfect design backdrop for both our planning and design clients and couples planning on their own.

Boutique Lighting Concepts

Nothing transforms a space like lighting. Let us create the perfect glow for your wedding day through chandeliers and drum shades, cafe lights, color washes, texture or custom monogram projection and pin spotting.

Custom Fabric Solutions

Fabric softens a space and lends depth and drama, whether it's adding dimension, defining an entrance, or camouflaging something best left unseen; fabric treatments are stunners. Weddings look especially lovely dressed in voile, velvet, taffeta and silk.

Large-Scale Decor

Decor anchors like backdrops and canopies direct the eye and promote a sweeping visual of your ceremony and reception spaces. Each of our large-scale decor designs is custom made and built especially for your wedding so your design concept will never be repeated.