What drives us

Shi Shi Events is a small but mighty team of passionate creatives and perfectionists driven by three essential philosophies; quality over quantity, creation over imitation and authenticity is beauty.

Quality Over Quantity

We accept a limited number of clients each year to ensure every wedding celebration is given the time, devotion and support it needs to achieve the inventive timelessness for which a Shi Shi wedding is known. This approach fosters our meticulous attention to detail, the proactive meeting of our couples' needs, and the infusion of luxury into everything we do.

Creation Over Imitation

We build your wedding from your story and the sensibilities that are completely and wonderfully you. It's all about intentional design - every element should fit like a glove.

Authenticity Is Beauty

In creating an authentic experience, we are creating a moment of true luxury, as a truly authentic experience is unrepeatable. Your wedding is set apart as wholly, authentically yours. There simply isn't anything more beautiful.

Shi Shi Events holds the prestigious "Best of Weddings Hall of Fame" honor voted by real couples on The Knot. You've seen their nationally acclaimed work featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, Town & Country, Glamour, Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, Green Wedding Shoes, POPSUGAR, and more. Their services are available to style-savvy, discerning brides far and wide.

Photo: Lauren Gabrielle



Gina’s love for design runs deep. She grew up among the swatch books and color palettes of her father’s commercial interior design plans and learned from a young age “the devil is in the details.” A career built from the experiential marketing and music industries both began and cemented her reputation for creating extraordinary experiences. A passion for design, travel and art, a true understanding of color and composition, and the pursuit of the exquisite define her aesthetic voice and gives rise to both the broad concepts and intricate facets that shape her clients' weddings. Her approach to planning is story-driven, organic and tactile while remaining rooted in organization and perfectionism. She's best defined as an exuberant, straight shooting, seeker-of-beauty-in-everything, known for divergent thinking and a penchant for a good time.

  • MOVIE: The Family Stone or anything with SJP or Diane Keaton
  • FOOD: tacos + NY style pizza
  • SONG SHE'S FEELIN' RIGHT NOW: Nice For What - Drake
  • WANDERLUST: California coast “A good road trip rocks my socks.” or somewhere on a yacht off Sardinia...
  • HOLIDAY: the season between Thanksgiving and Christmas for the anticipation and wonder. “I love the snow, the decorating, the baking and the coziness of it all. The balance of the quiet and the chaos is spectacular.”

Photo: Lauren Gabrielle


Dara | Team Lead

Dara and Gina are long time event partners in crime from their days in experiential marketing. Dara was an obvious choice for the team for her cool head under pressure and tackle-any-task-with-ease persona. She can run interference with the best of them and keep your wedding day smooth and flawless. Her gracious spirit and relaxed approach create a stress free environment for your wedding day to unfold.

  • MOVIE: American Beauty
  • FOOD: anything Italian
  • SONG SHE'S FEELIN' RIGHT NOW: Denial - Beyonce
  • WANDERLUST: the Caribbean
  • HOLIDAY: Christmas "I just love everything about Christmas."

Photo: Lauren Gabrielle


JOE | Special Ops

Joe is our go to guy for all of our clients’ lighting, fabric and décor installations. This former rock star (Immortal/Virgin Records) knows his way around when it comes to the perfect production. His engineering background ensures your project will not only be thoughtfully designed but also built with precision, keeping beauty and safety at its heart. He hangs a mighty fine chandelier and we love it when he talks tech. He’s always up for a challenging project, a new concept, and a cowboy cut rib eye.

  • MOVIE: Fight Club
  • FOOD: Bone in rib eye
  • SONG HE'S FEELIN' RIGHT NOW: Elvis Radio on Sirius XM
  • WANDERLUST: Miami/South Beach
  • HOLIDAY: Thanksgiving; it’s turkey and ham all day for our resident carnivore.

Photo: Lauren Gabrielle


Mikayla | Jane of all

Mikayla joined us as an intern and quickly worked her way into our collective hearts. You'll most often find her working her magic on a client's wedding day, dotting I's and crossing T's. She's also the social butterfly of the office; managing Pinterest, crafting newsletters and stalking Insta. She anticipates needs with scary precision both in house and for our couples and is the best sidekick ever on a business trip.


  • MOVIE: Roman Holiday
  • FOOD: Anything with mushrooms
  • SONG SHE'S FEELIN' RIGHT NOW: Yoga - Janelle Monae
  • WANDERLUST: Greece
  • HOLIDAY: The time between October and January, "so all of them"

Photo: Lauren Gabrielle


Nicole | Event Assistant

Nicole is the team's right hand gal. Whether arranging escort cards, perfecting place settings, or welcoming guests, her demure sweetness shines. A maven of everything BTS, she always keeps wedding days running smoothly. Her helpfulness is only outshone by her calm demeanor; this girl is kind to the core. Such a gem.


  • MOVIE: The Holiday
  • FOOD: Eggplant Parm and a good pizza pie
  • SONG SHE'S FEELIN' RIGHT NOW: "Always feelin' me some Celine Dion"
  • WANDERLUST: Cape Cod
  • HOLIDAY: "Thanksgiving because of the yummy food and it starts the holiday season!"

Photo: Lauren Gabrielle