Gina Jokilehto-Schigel

Owner & Creative Director

Gina is a Cleveland, Ohio, native with a penchant for travel, the arts, and a good time. Her previous work in the music and experiential marketing industries cemented an already natural propensity toward creating memorable, immersive events leading to the creation of Shi Shi in 2005. Clients describe her unflappable, warm, and direct personality as putting them immediately at ease knowing she is at the reins.

She possesses a dichotomous mind; one that is wildly creative and incessantly meticulous, offering her couples both divergent thinking and a well-crafted checklist. In professional and personal circles, she’s known for her impeccable taste and use of colorful language. An esthete through and through, Gina celebrates and finds joy in the small and large, a quality that shines in every event she touches. 

Our Approach

We view memorable hospitality as a fine art. Making a deeply crafted event feel as though it’s naturally unfolding and carefree is our specialty. We are magic makers. Every planning and design decision is filtered through the lens of how to make your experience as the bride and groom, as well as your guests’ experience, on your wedding day exceptional—one that is effortless, engaging, and brimming with warmth.

Three core values drive an individual approach to each celebration knowing every one of our couples brings their own personalities, experiences, and priorities to our process. 

Quality Over Quantity

We accept a limited number of clients each year to ensure every wedding celebration is given the time, devotion, and support needed to achieve the high-touch sensibilities for which a Shi Shi wedding is known. This approach fosters our meticulous attention to detail, the proactive meeting of our couples’ needs, and the infusion of elevation into everything we do.

Creation Over Imitation

We build your wedding from your story and the sensibilities that are completely and wonderfully you. It’s all about intentional design—every element should fit like a glove.

Authenticity is Beauty

In creating an authentic experience, we are creating a moment of true luxury, as a truly authentic experience is unrepeatable. Your wedding is set apart as wholly, veritably yours. There simply isn’t anything more beautiful.

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